What is the Sycamore Pride Supporting Membership?

Sycamore Pride has experienced steady, continuous growth since coming online for the first time in 2007. For almost five years, we have strived to be the premiere source for Indiana State Sycamore fanatics (and even a rival fan or two) looking for a place to talk, share and debate Indiana State athletics in an intelligent and mature fashion. As with any website that encounters this kind of growth, eventually costs outweight the income.

Why do we need the Sycamore Pride Supporting Membership?

Currently, Sycamore Pride is supported by advertising income. You know the ones, those pesky banner ads you see throughout the site. Obviously, that doesn't even begin to cover our monthly server and bandwidth costs or software license renewals. Nor does it then, obviously, leave any money for promoting the site, sponsoring contests, giveaways and the like.

That said, that is the main reason why the Sycamore Pride Supporting Membership program was created. The proceeds from the purchased Sycamore Pride Supporting Memberships will allow us to continue adding new and exciting features, sponsor cool giveaways and contests, and ensure our continued mission of being the premiere Indiana State Sycamore discussion portal on the Internet. Put quite simply, while we certainly appreciate all of our members equally and there is no obligation to sign up for a Sycamore Pride Supporting Membership, we do appreciate the help in keeping costs manageable while allowing us to grow the site! It does help... greatly!

What is included in my Sycamore Pride Supporting Membership?

Your Sycamore Pride Supporting Membership will give you additional benefits that regular registered members do not have. Included in the subscription includes a 100% ad-free site layout, increased avatar and signature dimensions, bigger private message mailbox size and the satisfaction of knowing you've helped Sycamore Pride keep the lights on. For the full list of benefits and features, see the membership comparison chart below.

Registered Members
Supporting Members
General Benefits
Access to Supporting Member Forum
Exclusive Sycamore Avatar Galleries
Supporting Member Only Contests & Giveaways
100% Ad-Free Site Layout
General Features
Can View Member Info
Can Use Friends List
Can Set Self to Invisible Mode
Can Use Custom Title
Can Email Members
Avatar/Profile Picture Features
Can Upload Profile Pictures
Can Upload Animated Profile Picture
Can Upload Custom Avatars
Can Upload Animated Avatar
Profile Picture Maximum Dimensions (Pixels)
Profile Picture Maximum File-Size (Kilobytes)
Avatar Picture Maximum Dimensions (Pixels)
Avatar Picture Maximum File-Size (Kilobytes)
Signature Features
Allow BB Code
Allow Color Code
Allow Font Code
Allow Size Code
Allow Link Code
Allow Quote Code
Allow Image Code
Allow Video Code
Can Upload Images for Signature
Can Upload Animated GIF for Signature
Maximum Lines in Signature
Maximum Value of x for [SIZE=x] BB Code
Maximum Number of Images in Signature
Maximum Number of Videos in Signature
Signature Picture Maximum Dimensions (Pixels)
Signature Picture Maximum File-Size (Kilobytes)
Post/Thread Features
Can Post Threads
Can Edit Own Posts
Can Delete Own Posts
Can Delete Own Threads
Can Open / Close Own Threads
Private Messaging Features
Can Use Message Tracking
Can Deny Private Message Read Receipt Request
Can Ignore Quota
Maximum Recipients to Send PMs at a time
2 Recipients
10 Recipients
Maximum Stored Messages
25 Messages
1000 Messages
Reputation Features
Can Use Reputation
Can Leave Negative Reputation
Can See Who Left User Ratings
Can Hide Reputation from Others
Who's Online Features
Can View Who's Online
Can View Detailed Location Info for Users

How much does the Supporting Membership cost?

The Sycamore Pride Supporting Membership is $15.00 and lasts one calendar year from the date it is paid. We also have separate donation options if you'd like to give more. There is also a membership donation option if you'd like to purchase a Supporting Membership for a fellow Sycamore Pride member.

Okay, You Sold Me! How Do I Join?

Signing up for the Sycamore Pride Supporting Membership is a quick and easy process. Simply head over to the Donation and Subscription Center, select the desired subscription and you will be directed to PayPal to complete the process which generally takes less than five minutes to complete. If you don't have PayPal, you can still purchase a membership by sending a check or money order via snail mail. If you'd like to go that route, shoot me a private message and I'll get you my address.

PLEASE NOTE: Sycamore Pride Supporting Member status does not prevent you from following the forum rules and community guidelines. Violations of the forum rules/guidelines will be handled according to policy without regard to member status. In the event that membership is removed due to rule violation, absolutely no refunds will be given.

Become a Supporting Member to remove this and all other advertisments! Click HERE for more info!