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    Quote Originally Posted by Sycamorefan96 View Post
    First post, but I'm all for us joining the Ohio Valley Conference in all sports. The OVC and the MVC are both pretty much one bid leagues in basketball now and we'd compete much better financially and competitively in the OVC.

    I guess maybe I should add a little bit of an explanation to this. I am college aged (I am not in college, but I've been an ISU fan my whole life) and most people my age honestly have no idea ISU is D1 (most think we're D2). Most people my age cheer for schools like IU, Purdue, Louisville, Kentucky, UNC, etc. When I ask them why they don't support ISU the most common answer I get is "because they suck" or "because they're not D1". Now joining the OVC is not going to change anyone's opinions on ISU, but if we were actually winning some games consistently in football, maybe even making the playoffs once in a while, I think a few people might start to support us more. Winning 4 or less games a year doesn't cut it though. Most people don't care if the MVFC is the best league in the FCS or if it's rated higher than the Sun Belt, because the teams they follow are in the top leagues nationally anyways and no matter what, the MVC/MVFC is going to be viewed as a step down to them.

    As far as basketball is concerned I think the OVC is still a better place for us in the long term. We would probably have the best arena in the Ohio Valley. And I really don't see the MVC being a two bid league again unless someone has a crazy good record and then loses in the championship game in St Louis. Belmont is in the OVC and apparently they turned the MVC down twice, but their basketball product is pretty good. The bad part is that if we went OVC the MVC would probably take Murray State to replace us. But I think the OVC is definitely somewhere we could thrive in both football and basketball.

    The MVC is a good home, but I'm just not sure we'll ever actually consistently compete in either sport. Most schools are outspending us in basketball and then in football we play in by far the worst stadium in the league. In the OVC our stadium would be average. I want us to keep scholarship football, but I want to be somewhere we can realistically compete year after year which is why I'm pretty pro OVC.
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