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    Our baseball throws at the end of 95% of our games that we are losing by a couple points could be hurt by the lower ceilings too

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    Just some perspective on where the 50 mil dollar renovation and reduced 9200 seat arena will put us in the valley facilities wise..

    Missouri State-JQH arena built brand new in 2008. 67 mil (76 mil today) and is 11,000 seats
    Northern Iowa-McLeod Center built brand new in 2006. 26 mil (31.5 today) and is 7,000 seats
    Loyola- Gentile Arena, they renovated a 15 year old building in 2011. 15 mil (17 today) and is 5,000 seats
    Drake-Knapp Center was built in 1992 for 12.5 mil (22 today) and is 7,000 seats
    Southern Illinois- SIU Arena was renovated in 2011. 30 mil (33 today) and is 8,500 seats
    Illinois State- Redbird Arena built in 1989. 17.5 mil (35 today) and is 10,200 seats
    Evansville- Ford Center was built in 2011. 127.5 mil and is 10,000 seats
    Valpo-athletics-Recreation center was built in 1984. 7.25 mil (17 today) and has 5,000 seats
    Bradley-Carver Arena/Peoria Civic Center renovated in 2007 (not sure if all or any was to the actual arena?? I went there Odum's senior year and nothing looked freshly done in the bball arena). 55 mil (69 today) and 10,000 seats
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