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    Quote Originally Posted by SycamoreStateofMind View Post
    Of course not - because no matter what some of you will never see fault in anything that the University does.

    Were not talking about the jail, high schools etc. You brought that up - not me. Don't bring that shit show into this discussion.

    This is a discussion about that convention center and the HC - nothing else. All of the money has already been allocated, all of the taxes have already been passed - the project is moving forward. Gibson is behind it and he's not going to let some ridiculousness get in the way of getting it done. Because of this project we're going to have some much needed additional parking downtown (parking garage)and potentially a new hotel. That entire block is going to be reformed just like much of downtown was reformed when the Terre Haute House finally got torn down.

    So you can keep telling yourself what makes you feel better. You're protecting Indiana State which hasn't started a renovation of the HC after 3+ years of conversation, drawings, state committed funding, re-bid etc. etc. Please spare me. This thread was started in February 2015 with a rendering and all. This February - when basketball is finishing up will mark 4 years and construction is yet to begin. I can't help you if you can't see the problem with that.
    Do you ever rest or do you stay up and wait to play the blame game every time something about this pops up. First of all, it’s a great idea. Remember, the Garden Inn is done so build (and link it) to HC and the Convo Center and let the fricking CITY pay for it. HC gets updated and the University takes control of it. I hate to see the Copper gone but maybe that sports bar will be built by Rob (i’d put money on it). I really don’t get why you guys love to throw blame around, who gives a fuck when they are BOTH done. It’s a great idea and maybe, just maybe, both sides can move on. We’ll see if it’s big enough to bring in some needed business. You’ll start getting time lines pretty soon on Hulman Center. It’ll make sense to at least a few of you.
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