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    Quote Originally Posted by SycamoreStateofMind View Post
    Definitely badmouthed ISU for the entire Convention Center / Hulman Center deal. I will own that. At this point we might as well wait and see until we see the HC finished project and then judge the finish product. Iíve got a decent idea how I think it will turn out.

    I donít know everyone who visits this forum but I know Iím not smarter than Jason. Beyond that weíve got educators on here, a dentist, business owners etc. etc. all of which are much smarter than me. So I will go ahead and dispute that - but thank you!

    I didnít say - you donít have a clue. I said, if you think your the only one with a clue then you donít have a clue. You need to decide if the shoe fits.
    Look, you attacked me for disagreeing with someone. I'm sure that person does a great job building homes and is probably involved in designing things for his customers. However, that is not the same as putting in a bid to do the work that ISU has already paid an engineering firm to design. If the contractor is doing the designing then ISU is paying twice for the same thing. I don't need to try on the shoe. My name in not Cinderella!

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    Had the opportunity to tour the new Vigo County Historical Society in downtown Terre Haute this weekend. Which is located on Wabash near Clabber Girl/Hulman Center and that museaum is going to be fantastic when completed. 3 stories of history - really neat what they've done with that building so far.

    Terre Haute gets a lot of people dumping on it but in the next 2 to 4 years you will have all of the following downtown museums.

    Children's Museum
    Vigo County Historical Museum
    Larry Bird Museum - Convention Center
    Clabber Girl Museum
    Swope Art Museum
    Veterans Memorial War Museum
    CANDLES Holocaust Museum (relocating to downtown)

    All of these are either already downtown or will soon be downtown - all within 5 minutes walking distance in any direction of each-other! With the renovation of the Hulman Center, new hotel and parking garage our downtown area is really starting to taking on new life! If we can only get a few more restaurants/bars and shops in the downtown area!
    Roll Timber!

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    Im the smartest guy on here....I dumb it down for everyone and im super lazy so it doesnt show.



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