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    Just citing the timeliness of December HISTORY the past couple years...

    Don't you think it's ironic that ISU's #1 "mentally tough" player (who's a GRADUATE student), would purposely "break a team rule?"

    Here's the ploy of's known as "deflection."
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    [December 6, 2017] Indiana State (3-4) at North Texas (4-5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BankShot View Post
    Curious Twitch...what type of team "rule" in Pee Wee League Basketball @ the TH Boys Club would cue a one half game cruise on the U.S.S. Pine?
    It aint even about that for me Bank. Like at the end of the day if your willing to second guess every decision the guy makes then were not going to be able to have a reasonable conversation. For instance you constantly challenge:

    His use of defense and lack of ability to change.

    His post players lack of moves and development.

    His manipulation of the media.

    His sub pattern or lack of.

    Down to how he decides to discipline players.

    Tell me that it really doesnít matter at this point - weíre not going to be able to have a reasonable conversation given the fact that everything he says and does is under such a microscope.

    I tell you what - if your able to tell me 3 things you like about Lansing as a coach I will tell you 3 things I hate about him as a coach. Then we can work from that - but if youíre just going to trash him post after post, itís not productive and a waste of time. Maybe you donít like 3 things about him - thatís fine. Youíre questioning everything he does - itís ridiculous.

    As for Davis - Iíve been to practice Bank (a few times) and Davis has vocally fired back at Lansing more than once - not in a demonstrative way, but in a way good cop bad cop kinda way. I was shocked to see Lansing let it go on a couple occasions - Lansing afforded him some room to ďclownĒ that he wouldnít other guys. Iím not saying this has anything to do with it (I love Davis energy and personality) but heís not necessarily the most respectful when it comes to just shutting up and listening. Some context you probably didnít have - but I know I know - Lansings still a fuck. I get it.
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    Roll Timber!

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