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Thread: Lansing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gotta Hav View Post
    The 2018/2019 season is just 8 months away, and the 2019/2020 season is just 1 year and 8 months away.

    I just hope that the next head coach is NOT another good-ole-boy selection, and that the next Head Coach has at least 1 year of prior Head Coaching experience....cuz GL is a BUST!
    Most people ignore the hard truth on this fact. RP used the most bullshit excuse in hiring GL in June , 2010, stating that there was no time to advertise, since the Summer Camps were already scheduled. I think he also mentioned RECRUITING being impacted. Pure hogwash. So he moves GL into the HC role, based purely on 1) Loyalty 2) The fact that his then WIFE was employed in the Athletic Director's Office. You can believe whatever you want, but if you think that GL's yearly rollover contract was not indirectly influenced by this, you're living on the moon.

    We went to the "big dance" in GL's 1st yr. as HC, not because of any magic wand that he waved in the huddles during timeouts, but because JO pulled his ass out of the fire on multiple occasions making BIG PLAYS.

    Keep in mind that as ISU fans endure their fourth (4) straight losing season, the guy that made it all possible is sitting in his NCAA "easy chair" and laughing his way to the bank. Ahh yes, the legacy of the "San Luis Obispo Kid"...
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    I think Lansing is going to be around for the next three years until his contract expires, so I just hope he can get the program turned back around to a point where we are at least finishing high enough in the MVC standings to have a chance at getting to the NCAA tournament. I try to have faith in the guy, but a lot of the times I just don't think he really knows what he's doing especially in late game situations. I feel like when we have the lead with a few minutes to go we tend to play "not to lose" rather than "play to win".
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