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Going into conference and seeing what we have this would be my rotation.

PG- Williams
G- Barnes
G- Key
PF- Thomas
C- Rickman

I’d like to see Thomas get back into the starting role and here’s why. He doesn’t bring any energy off the bench and Clayton has struggled. I think we play him out of position. He needs to be up top either setting the high ball screen for Williams on the pick n pop or catching the initial pass and look for Barnes coming off screens. If we play him away from the basket I think it benefits us. He doesn’t catch the ball well around the basket and is too weak in there. Have him catch it out too as a threat to shoot it and look for the open man. He can be a matchup issue in our league.

Sub Bronson at the 5 to spare Rickman, Hughes at the 4 and play defensive lineup with Holston at the 3. Barnes slides to PG in second unit with Neese at the 2.

Washington comes in if we get in foul trouble at any guard spot.

Just my opinion

Let get a good start against the Ramblers!
I'm actually with you on the 5, I just don't think Williams is a PG. He's your 3 and Barnes is the PG but otherwise, I've alluded to having Thomas going at the 4 again and running a couple "Justin Gant specials" through him. If he's hitting, you keep him in there and if he isn't, he' s relegated to mop up duty. About the only time he brings anything is when his shot is working.