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niklz62, I appreciate your sarcasm on this, what the fuck let's be grateful for any DONATON!!! I certainly understand we need to think big but let's put things in perspective:

Don't compare any "State Supported" schools, other than Purdue and IU, to schools like the Depaws, Wabash's and Rose Hulmans. All 3 of those schools have deep blue blood wealth that has been developing over many many years...................The biggest thing you need to relize, ISU became a university in 1965, before that, we all know it was a teachess college, it's not like that yeilds a a lot "Blue Blood" $$$$$ from alumnis. Lastly, the Dakota schools are the IU's and Purdues of those 4 states, they will always getg more love and attention from their fans than the other MVCF schools.
actually there are only 2 Dakotas, North and South, but 2 D-I schools in each state, but your point is understood, those schools are both the IU's and Purdue's of those 2 states and get a sh*tload of donations from many sources. Tens of millions of dollars, literally.