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    Hulman Center Delays

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    I'm not in town to hear the details other than from the Tribstar. Can someone please help me understand a couple of things:

    a) what the hold up from the city was on kicking $ into this project?

    b) has any deconstrcution of the facility begun, or is the entire project on ice until the fall?

    If this was covered in a previous post, I apologize for asking again...but it's cofusing as all hell when living away and wondering why a few million dollars (was is 10?) kept the entire project from being completed?

    Dazed and confused,


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    Some others on here manage to live in Texas and other places throughout the United States and some how keep up. But I will spare you any more criticism.

    a. The city is out. Bradley didn't want them in and everyone decided to break up the "CIB". The city/county/THCVB is now in the process of trying to build a facility without the Unviersity being involved. Long story short - ISU went to the state and they still decided to chip in and help renovate the HC - but ISU is going at it alone.

    b. Nothing has been done. The project finally went to bid early this spring and the bids apparently came in too high. So the project is now set for rebid this fall. My guess - construction doesn't start until after this 2018-2019 basketball season. It's on ice until further notice lol Something will get done but the fact that nothing has been done yet is a total joke.

    It's confusing living in the same town - you're good.
    Roll Timber!



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