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I agree with your post. I just want to add that if you're talking about winning teams that were "elevated" to winning by IN players, we're basically talking about 3 teams led by 4 IN players in the last 40 years.
Also, you mentioned Reese and Washington, don't forget Thomas and Kessinger. The amount of all of their contributions is still unknown, but we have an opportunity to get contributions from 6 IN players over the next few years.
I didnít really forget them - I wasnít trying to name every IN kid on our roster. Neither Thomas nor Kessinger has showed me anything to suggest they belong on this list currently which I know were on the same page about.

Understand that as it relates to ďthe listĒ in the Indy Star article referenced to begin with that Washington and Neese have a chance to be included at some point. Thomas canít make it because heís a SR. Kessinger wonít make it because heís not got a high enough ceiling to make it. Thatís really why they were left out of the conversation - I think those guys will both have significantly better years than last year so itís not intended to be a slight of them.