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    Info about the WIU game (from a WIU fan)

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    Hi Sycamore fans, congrats on the huge improvement you guys have had this season. Regardless of how it shakes out with the playoffs, I'd have to imagine that still being in the playoff discussion with two weeks left in the season is pretty exciting considering how the last few years have been.

    Anyway, the reason I'm posting this is because of a situation that might be happening on WIU's campus before/during your game here in Macomb on 11/17. I'm sure most of you are already aware of your (apparently very talented) freshman DB Jake Bain and his status as being openly gay. Well, apparently the Westboro Baptist Church (you know, the ones who go and protest all kinds of stuff...funerals, sporting events, etc.) have decided that they're going to come protest on campus at the game (or as close as they can legally get).

    We don't really know how many "church" members will be there protesting and because we're a public institution, we can't legally kick them off campus, but there are counter protests that are being planned and statements have been issued condemning the group...but we don't really know if there will be any problems or not.

    Maybe this is "old hat" for you guys (sounds like they've protested Bain before when he was in HS too), but it's new to us, and I just wanted to let you guys know in case anyone happens to be making the trip over here that weekend. Hopefully it'll just be a small group (or they won't show up at all) and people can just go around them or ignore them. Anyway, stay safe and enjoy the game.
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    im deleting my post because i misread what he meant. I though he was an RB and i kind of forgot about him when i didnt see him on the roster as such after Keys' injury so I thought he was talking about a WIU player.
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    This is the second time they've protested the kid. Hope their vehicles spontaneously fucking combust on the way to Macomb this weekend.

    You know, God's plan/will and all.
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