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    Indiana State My Unbiased Thoughts on Jared Hankins

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    This past Friday I went to a scrimmage that was Zionsville V Lawrence North. I haven't talked about Jared in a while so I got an unbiased impression of him.

    Jared was definitely Lawrence North's best player. His best feature is his shooting form. It looks great and he made 3-4 threes during the scrimmage. His ability to pass and drive the ball was also nice. A flaw was his defense. Jared was up against a top 10 player in the State during the game (Isaiah Thompson) he did some decent shot defending from the 3pt line but Thompson could always drive against him and score. When he was put up against our backups he did better but he needs some improvement.

    Overall he did very well and I'm excited to see the things he does for us next year. I am going to attend nearly all of Zionsville's games so if I see someone that is recruited here I'll give some feedback.

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