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One thing I'd like to correct is the misnomer that there's "nothing to do in T.H." That's not true at all. T.H. offers many things that larger cities offer. The activities might not be the same caliber, nor the same quantity of variation, but T.H. has more going on then people are willing to admit. I call it the "ocean effect." People who live near the ocean hardly ever visit because the ocean has become mundane, even though what they have is special. T.H. offers year round sports, plays, art shows, conventions, concerts, parks, and 100's of activities. No person will lead you by hand to everything it is up to the individual to seek them out.
The one thing I’d like to correct is that my comment was actually “Terre Haute is boring” so if you’re going to quote it atleast quote it correctly. Furthermore these were comments of visitors - not my sentiments or comments that I even agree with.

But thanks for the “ocean effect” lesson...