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    Agree HouseUnited !

    But except for a half dozen games vs IU, Creighton, and Whicita State its always like that …..always.

    But the teams performance on the floor can easily be predicted by the look on the player's faces. Watch video of certain games and you'll see the focus, energy and being into the game.
    I watched two minutes of the North Texas game the other night and there it was on the face of every ISU player ---- total non-involvement, totally distracted look on their face …..basically a "hey, can we get this over with, I was to get a pizza" --- they appeared to care less.
    I've seen this over and over again over the past several years. Seems to be passed down from player to player, team to team, year to year.
    Go back and check old videos -- watch the faces of the players standing behind a free throw shooter ….check their eyes ...their body language. You'll only need to watch 2 - 3 minutes to know what I'm talking about ……..we're either battling and you can see it.
    Or we seem to careless …...and you can see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sycamore tuff View Post
    ...Again, the ushers were escorting the students back to their baseline seats because someone tells them to. I don't know who the genius is that tells ushers to keep the students in line but he should have a talking to out behind the woodshed. Invest in the future ISU!
    That practice is damn near as old as ISU; I'm sure there were some ol' cranks telling students to get back in the "free student" seats when Birch Bayh, SR was the coach!
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