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View Poll Results: You be the coach - who is your starting lineup once Neese & Williams return?

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  • Same starting 5 & ease them in off the bench.

    9 52.94%
  • Start Neese for Holston.

    0 0%
  • Start Williams for Holston.

    4 23.53%
  • Start Neese & Williams for Holston & Thomas,

    1 5.88%
  • Doesn't Matter.

    3 17.65%
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    After last nights game I have no idea if we even have spots available for the two. Everyone on the court contributed something. OK back to reality. Thomas is going to find somewhere to sit on the end of the bench. He contributes nothing. The centers are going to learn to shoot free throws. Maybe Lansing, with all this depth can finally get someone to teach the art of rebounding. He has admitted they do not practice it. Several times last night we had guys in position to get defensive rebounds. By the time the ball came off the rim a north texas player had move in front of our guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Svoboda View Post
    I actually think you'll see Williams likely move into the SF role. He was a guard in the Big Ten, but at 6-5, he is a quintessential Valley 3 as a point forward type that can both pass and rebound. His offense was always the question mark, but knowing how Lansing values defense, that is how I'm basing it.

    As for Neese, I don't think he starts. Provided he is ahead of Washington, I think he will spell Barnes/Key and provide second unit shooting. When Barnes goes to the bench, we basically lose a lot of versatility in the way nobody is a dead eye shooter so teams can simply relax some on defense. I believe his defense was the question mark, so that is also another reason why it makes sense for him being second unit.

    I think their additions mean we've seen the end of Martin getting minutes as a walk-on. Kudos to that kid though, he has done well all things considered. I also wouldn't fault the kid for looking at a LM starting PG spot elsewhere because he looks comfortable at our level and we have Bacote becoming eligible next year.

    What worries me is we may start to see a lot of crazy substitution patterns due to having two more talented folks eligible and I'm not sure who will see their minutes reduced outside of Martin. Washington could likely lose some minutes but he has shown glimpses. Brinkmeyer/Hunnerman likely lose theirs. Do you reduce Barnes/Key's minutes to preserve them for the end of the year? Do you play more small ball to get all of your talent on the floor? A lot of variables and moving parts when you add more toys.

    A balanced lineup I'd like to see:


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