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Thread: NKU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckhorn View Post
    As if the past five (5) yrs. has seen a positive return on Sycamore Basketball?
    Considering we're last place in coaching salaries and last place in overall basketball budget....yes, Lansing and the program have had a very positive overall ROI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prisonmate View Post
    Wasnít me but probably only 2-5% of the population is financially capable of tangibly moving the needle. The rest just need to show up, root hard, and do what they can. Iím fine with Lansing another year. It is a tough job with the lowest budget.
    I expect this is likely the actual situation. I don't like it. Most don't like it. But it is reality.
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    It’s obvious (as it always has been) that we all have thoughts on what’s good for ISU and the MVC, and whether anything that happens in the MVC really affects us, at least in a good way. Obviously, I’m in favor of adding strong programs to make the conference the best it can be. I will accept that adding Murray and/or NKU doesn’t bring much direct benefit to ISU, although I’ll still argue that there are numerous indirect benefits to making the conference as strong as possible.

    The thing that will bring direct benefit to ISU is getting back to winning basketball. That’s the only thing that will start to solve our problems. I am sure that HCGL and his staff are doing everything in their power to get us back to it. No one is there trying to lose, they are going all out to win! So, I will be hopeful that this season’s crushing disappointment will give way to a great season next year. Because that is really the only way we will begin to dig out of problems caused by decades of mismanagement.

    Let’s remain optimistic about our program, because they need our support! We’re all in this together, so hop in the boat, plug a hole, and hang on because a rising tide lifts all boats. We’ve got to be ready to ride that tide.



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