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    Pole Vaulting Legend Kylie Hutson to be Inducted into Missouri Valley Conference Hall

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    Sycamore pole vaulting legend Kylie Hutson has been named as a part of the 23rd Missouri Valley Conference Hall of Fame class, the Valley announced Tuesday afternoon.


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    Glad this happening for her, but why the age and time discrimination?

    This same thing happened to Carl Nicks.

    Why did he have to wait FORTY YEARS to have his number retired, but Melanie Boeglin only had to wait THIRTEEN YEARS to get hers...and on top of that, she NEVER took her team to the Championship game of the NCAA Tournament like Carl. She had great stats, but that's it.

    And to bitch some more, I haven't checked, but how old are some of these MEN now? How many of these guys are deceased, got one leg in the grave, or are in a Nursing Home?

    It's ridiculous and absurd, and makes a continued mockery of the diversity/PC/inclusion nonsense.

    If things are supposed to be EQUAL, Boeglin, Hutson, and gawd who knows else, should be made to wait 40 to 50 years to have their numbers retired. or to be inducted into the MVC Hall Of Fame just like the MEN have to. smdh.

    JFC. I just checked, Phog Allen was born in 1885 and died in 1974 at age 88.
    More smdh

    Here's the rest of the data on the remaining MEN who will be inducted into the MVC Hall of Fame. Really smdh a lot!!!
    a.k.a. The Blue MOSQUITO



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